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Stormzy Gets Stuck In The Women’s Toilet When He Accidentally Goes In There For A Poo

Something that happens to most of us has happened to 24-year-old grime artist Stormzy, who made the fuck up after needing a poo at MTV’s EMAs last night.

He somehow managed to enter a cubicle without realising he was in the wrong loo, but he then heard women’s voices and was probably, literally, shitting himself.

As he put it, he couldn’t leave the toilet, as the women would think he was a ‘mad creep’.

He wrote: “Came to buss a shit but accidentally when in [sic] the girl’s toilets so I can hear bare girls outside, but if I pop out now imma look mad creepy.”

To make things even worse he was due on stage. But not all hope was lost, after texting his friend, Kenneth, he was able to get to safety.

He made his way out and Twitter was loving the story:

And obviously once he got out in front of the audience, Stormzy killed it.

He performed from the roof of a police car and even picked up the Best UK and Ireland Act at the ceremony.

But his wasn’t the only performance of the night, with rap legend Eminem singing his new track, ‘Walk on Water’ with Skylar Grey, The Killers belted out their smash hit, ‘The Man’, and Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes sending fans screaming, while doing ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’.

Host of the night Rita Ora had about 50 dancers on stage when she did a medley of her new singles ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Your Song’. The 26-year-old British artist also had nearly half a dozen costume changes throughout the night, before receiving the first MTV EMA Power of Music Award on behalf of the singers who collaborated for the Grenfell Tower fire charity single.





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