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Japanese Pop Idol Brutally Stabbed By A Fan Multiple Times For Returning His Gift.


Mayu Tomita, a Japanese pop star was in critical condition on Monday afternoon after being stabbed multiple times by her fan. She was stabbed more than two dozen times right before a performance.

Tomita, 20, was attacked at a subway on Saturday in Kogenei City, in western Tokyo, around 5 pm. Tomohiro Iwazaki, her attacker, 27, was caught by the police and confessed that he stabbed her because she retuned a gift he had sent her.

“I ambushed her at the station and asked her (about the gift)” he said. “I lost my temper and stabbed her many times because she didn’t clearly answer.

Iwazaki is in police custody and is faces charges on attempted murder.

Tonita, is a member of an all girls band called Secret Girls, she had placed a complaint about Iwazaki’s twitter threats to the police in the past. The Japan Times reported one of the twitter messages, “I will never forget that I was looked down upon by you.”

But the police did not take it as an immediate threat, according to Kyodo News.

Her fans around the world are outraged over this assault. The Japan’s anti-stalking law, which is not considered to be strict enough against online harassment unless it reaches extreme levels, like this one!

Stalking related murder are rising day after day in Japan. Satoru Umetu, 24, was sentenced to six years in prison in 2015 after assaulting three stars of a popular J-Pop group AKB48 during a handshake event in Takizaqa City, Iwate prefecture.