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Michael Jackson’s Doctor Reveals The King Of Pop Wanted To Marry 11 Year Old Girl


In a tell-all book, Michael Jackson’s doctor Dr Conrad Murray, is said to reveal the darkest secret of the deceased pop icon.

The doctor was partially blamed for his death due to a supposed overdose and has served two of his four years suspended sentence.


The book is supposed to have many truth about Michael Jackson that will shock the world like the one where Michael had set eye on a British child actor who was 11 at the time and wanted to marry her.

It gets worse, Dr Murray has also alleged that this wasn’t Jackson’s first choice as he also wanted to wed a 12-year-old daughter of a British friend, who was just five when Jackson set eyes on her.


These allegations by Dr Murray if true provide some sort of basis to prove child molestation charges against him throughout the years were not all made up. It shows that Michael was obsessed with looking at children with romantic intentions.

Speaking from his Florida home, Murray said regarding his book:

This is the story of who Michael Jackson really was. He wanted me to tell this story – now I am fulfilling his wish. You must read the book and make those decisions for yourself.

Murray worked as Michael Jackson’s private physician for over three years, during which time he also lived with Jackson.

He claims that Jackson had begged him to write the book after his death to ‘set the record straight’.