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Neil Patrick Harris Revealed His Family’s 2017 Halloween Cosplay & it’s amazing!

Family Halloween costumes might seem like the lamest idea you could possibly have, but actor Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka, are proving otherwise.

Every year since 2011, ‘NPH’ and his lovely fam have been putting together the most impressive outfit ensembles for All Hallows’ Eve, and they just released their latest one on Instagram.

This is 100% not a trick, and it’s probably the best treat you’ll get tonight.

From The Wizard of Oz, to Gotham’s Finest, to Star Wars, the Harris-Burtka quartet, including twins Gideon and Harper, always pulls off whatever theme they choose impeccably, leaving fans on the edge of their seat each October to see what they’ll do next.

This year’s edition just went online 10 hours ago, and has already racked up more than 422 thousand likes. It’s almost better than a pillowcase full of candy and a scary movie marathon.

What did they go with this time? You’ll just have to scroll down and see for yourself.

Take a look:

Peter Pan In 2011

The Wizard Of Oz In 2012

Alice In Wonderland In 2013

The Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolfman, The Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula In 2013

Halloween From Gotham City In 2014

Star Wars In 2015

Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Marilyn Monroe, And James Dean In 2016

Harris Halloween Carnival Of Curiosities, 2017

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