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Rihanna Is Crowned The Most Powerful Celebrity Influencer

According to fashion search platform Lyst, anything Rihanna touches turns to sold.

Recently, the 29-year-old singer, actress and make-up entrepreneur has been officially crowned the most powerful celebrity influencer of the year thanks to her eclectic style driving huge sales for fashion brands.

Throughout the year, Rihanna has donned designs by Molly Goddard, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Puma, all which have been snapped up by her frenzied fans.

According to data analysed from 100 million searches carried out by 80million shoppers worldwide on Lyst, Rihanna’s outfits have caused a sartorial sensation.

Even down to her designer eyewear it seems anything the icon wears, people want – so much so she put even the so-called ‘Kate effect’ in the shade.

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge only just scraped into Lyst’s top five most influential fashion icons, behind Rihanna, singer Selena Gomez, supermodel Bella Hadid, and a new royal rival, Meghan Markle, who placed at number four.

Rihanna turned heads in this frou-frou Molly Goddard gown that she paired with trainers, choosing to wear it off the shoulder

The singer customised her Gucci ‘common sense’ t-shirt and wore it over the brand’s crystal bodysuit and a pair of Puma x Fenty creepers

Molly Goddard’s tulle dress became extremely recognisable after Rihanna wore it, and the Gucci logo t-shirt was one of the most cult-worthy items of the year

As part of Lyst’s end-of-year fashion report, the list of the most influential stars is based on huge spikes in demand in the hours after a particular item was worn.

Rihanna donned some of Instagram’s most cult items of the year too.

She turned heads back in April when attending Coachella wearing a crystal-embellished Gucci bodysuit and vest that was inked with the phrase ‘common sense is not that common’.

Most recently, the Diamond hitmaker favoured a pair of the brand’s luxe crystal socks that retail for £885.

Rihanna wore RAEN’s ‘flatscreen’ sunglasses on more than one occasion this year which caused a spike in their sales

The RAEN sunglasses, pictured, became an instant hit after the actress was seen wearing them during the summer months

During the press tour for her Fenty Beauty launch Rihanna opted for Molly Goddard on several different occasions

The Diamond hitmaker also released another collection with sportswear brand Puma, sporting their daring designs while attending store launches

Rihanna’s quirky fashion sense is a big hit with her fans, with people clamouring to get their hands on anything she wears

She is the perfect clotheshorse for her Puma collections, like this showstopping outfit fresh off the runway

Rihanna has released collections with Puma and Dior, often wearing her own designs that have become sell-outs.

That includes the Fenty x Puma bow trainer that was the most-wanted it-trainer of the year according to Lyst, with one person searching for the shoe every seven seconds.

And Rihanna, who launched her own make-up brand Fenty, even had time to jump on the Saint Laurent bandwagon – sporting a pair of their £6,885 rhinestone embellished slouched boots which sold out on Net-a-porter earlier this year.

Rihanna has also been a big fan of Saint Laurent boots, wearing both the fringed pair and the rhinestone encrusted £6,885 shoes this year

Most recently Rihanna favoured Gucci again, this time donning a pair of their luxe crystal socks that retail for £885





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