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Selena Gomez’s Recent Gym Wear Campaign Pictures Are Too Hot To Handle

Selena Gomez, a singer an actress, is one of those celebrities who does not need any kind of introduction. Her fan base is really huge throughout the world. Recently, she even became an executive producer for the series ’13 Reasons why’. Her recent gym wear campaign for Puma and her pictures of the same are way too hot for us. The images shared by Puma on their Instagram handle has been going viral all over the world.

Here are the hot pictures of Selena Gomez from her new gym wear campaign!

Selena is one of the hottest singers in the world. Her perfectly maintained body is one of the reasons behind Puma signing her as their new face.

The sportswear company is one of the leading ones in the market and always focuses on the best.

When Selena Gomez was signed in November last year, we already knew that the campaign is going to be really awesome. And that’s exactly what happened after three months.

The new gym wear pictures shared by Puma on their Instagram handle are literally hot.

To say Selena looks gorgeous wouldn’t be enough. Her lean body and a perfect figure are ameliorating the whole gym wear clothes.

The new campaign and the clothes that come under it are being called En Pointe. Based on the costumes of a ballerina, they nowhere look like a gym wear.

The design itself has been prepared with the help of dancers from the New York City Ballets.

The campaign along with pictures also features a video with Selena’s own song, ‘Wolves.’ The line, “I feel confident, I feel empowered, I feel in control, I am brave.

Yes, I might not be perfect, but I’m always ME. No masks, no filters, just Selena Gomez,” used in the campaign of the gym wear perfectly describes the whole thing.

The pricing kept by Puma is really low, $130 or less. En Pointe ranges from sports bras to leggings to hoodies, etc. This new collaboration with Puma is indeed very hot and every fan would agree.





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