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10 Things You Can Do With Dryer Sheets Other Than Laundry

Almost all laundry rooms use dryer sheets to cut out musty smells in laundry and make clothes easier to iron. But did you know that dryer sheets have many other uses as well?

Pleasant Air Freshener

If you have air conditioning or a fan, you can place a dryer sheet in front of it and your whole house will soon smell fresh and clean.


Pet Hair Remover

A dryer sheet is a good way to collect hair from a shedding pet. The anti-static quality of the sheets makes the hair stick to them. All you have to do is wipe a sheet over the coat of your pet and not only will you have less fur laying around, your pet will also smell freshly laundered.


Fight Static

A particularly great attribute of dryer sheets is that they combat static. If you’re trying to get rid of fuzz from your clothes and they’re suddenly filled with static electricity, don’t despair: Dryer sheets will get rid of the static in no time.

Hard-to-Beat Car Smell

If you have a rank smelling car, here’s an easy trick: Leave a few dryer sheets in your car overnight and wake up to a fresh automobile.

Musty Drawers No More

Musty smells have a tendency to settle into dresser drawers. But dryer sheets can fix that too! Just leave a few tucked among your clothes overnight and the smell will disappear.