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Cruel Human Dumbs Dog Bound By Electrical Wire Inside Trash Bag—But Look At Him 1 Year Later

A cruel human has dumped a dog like trash by the riverside. The poor dog was left to die in a garbage bag, and he was in dire straits—his flesh was being eaten alive by maggots. Fortunately, he was saved by two women in the nick of time.

Two female tourists, one day, were strolling alongside the waterways of Messina—a harbor city in northeast Sicily, southern Italy—when they chanced upon a black trash bag back in 2014, as reported by Reshareworthy.

The curiosity that aroused both the tourist was the whimpering sound coming from within the trash bag.

In order to investigate, they opened the bag. Much to their shock, inside the bag there was a dog, and his legs were bound with electrical wire.

The poor dog had been discarded like junk beside the Terme Vigliatore river, and he was found next to a decaying calf carcass.

After seeing the dog’s terrible state, both the women called for help. Soon, animal rescue volunteer Linda Li arrived on the scene.

Animal rescuer volunteer Linda found the dog and named him Oliviero. The fur of the dehydrated dog was covered with ticks and maggots, which were eating his flesh alive.

Before rushing him to vet, Linda gave Oliviero some water. Upon examination, the vet noticed his hind legs were paralyzed.

In a Facebook video posted by Linda, Oliviero was seen wagging his tail as he lay on the floor.

“You don’t know if it’s temporary or permanent trauma, it’ll take an MRI and understand the damage,” Linda wrote.

“We treated him with pesticides to try to remove the ticks he had, he was also cleaned up by the many larvae that are eating him alive,” Linda added.

Luckily, Oliviero not only did recover, but, he also found a new forever home with a kind lady, Dominique Mastroianni.

At last, now, Oliviero has a loving family who will shower him with love, which he truly deserves.

Not only that, Oliviero also has doggie siblings that he can play with.

Now, just look at him, a year on after being found. It’s hard to believe he was once condemned to a painful death by his previous owner.

Transformation of Oliviero is truly heartwarming. Thanks to Dominique, Linda, and all the other rescuers for giving Oliviero a second chance at life!






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