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Women Confess How They Took Revenge On Their Cheating Boyfriends!

Cheating is such a casual happening these and there seems to be no respect or loyalty in modern relationships apparently! While some people forgive and forget, this mantra might not work for many. These women took a different route to deal with their cheating partners.

That terrible feeling of knowing that your trust has been betrayed can really make you wish that karma will bite the person soon. Or, in some instances, you just want to deliver the karma yourself.

Revenge is sweet, they say, right?

Several users of Whisper, a secret sharing app, have come out to admit that yes, they did find fulfillment in getting back at their cheating partners. These women took advantage of the app’s anonymity and brought in their darkest confessions.

And it’s freaking hilarious! You got to read it to believe it.

Here are some of the most wicked ones we’ve seen:

These women absolutely deserve a round of slow clap for their ingenuity. I like their ideas. I have to admit the last one has to be my favorite though. It must have felt oddly fulfilling to be in her shoes.





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