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7 Clever Way To Keep Your Valuables Safe That No One Can Guess

You never know when something might go wrong with your valuables and you are never satisfied with the regular ways to keep them safe because they are too obvious. Sometimes when we travel or share a house with other people it’s better to know how to keep our valuables well hidden than lose and regret later.

In this video you will find 7 tips and tricks to store your valuables smartly. Take a look:


Take a toy your pet is never going to use or is bored of cut it open with a razor, and store money inside. You can even use this trick to hide an emergency key in the yard.


Empty out a Sharpie to create a mini-capsule for any of your smaller valuables.


Hide you money inside it! Then mount it on the wall and nobody will ever know.

Cookie DOUGH tube

Take a tube of pre-packaged dough and use a razor to cut off the top – don’t twist it off like normal. Put your valuables in the clear plastic cap inside and then put it on top of the first bit of dough.