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This DIY Heating Pad Is Amazing For Fall!

The temperature is dropping as the year is coming to an end, it’s still October but things are already getting chilly. You might be considering that it’s the time to buy a heating pad to keep warm but what if I told you you don’t need to spend a dime for this effective DIY heating pad!

When socks and rice combine, they produce a lovechild with unique abilities. It possesses the properties of heating and cooling, and can help ease your pains. The video below from Goodful shows us how to make a homemade heating/cooling pad with a sock and some rice, things you probably already have on hand.



  • Sock (made of non-synthetic, heat-resistant material like cotton or wool)
  • Uncooked rice (avoid instant)


  1. Prep It

    Rice sockGoodful

    Grab a clean, empty sock and flip the top open wide enough to fill. To help avoid spilling rice, either use a funnel or place the sock inside of a cup to help keep it steady.