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These DIY Tips Let You Use Old Doors For More Than One Purpose!

Doors are not a common decorative repurposing items. They are usually thrown away but here are some tips that can make them really useful, interesting and beautiful!

Here are some of our favorite ways to upcycle doors:

1) Outdoor Nook

You can attach four doors with some hinges and install a roof to create this darling little nook.

2) Nightstand

This nightstand was crafted from an old door, some pieces of fencing and two squares of wood. You can get the directions on how to make one on your own here.

3) Garden Fence

Using doors to create a fence creates a beautiful focal point in your yard. You can make a foundation for your doors or secure them with some posts.

4) Laundry Folding Table

Just nail the door frame to your wall and use some chains to secure the door in order to create this really neat looking laundry table.

5) Bookshelf

This is a simple project that involves hanging some shelves on a door frame. You can attach a built-in light if you want to make it fancier.

Another method for this project is to remove the door’s inlays and use the wooden pieces as a shelf.

6) Hallway Table Stand With Storage

You can attach a door to an existing small set of drawers to create this hallway table stand. You can even add a shelf up top and also include some hooks.

7) Drink Station/Bar

This is the most adorable project and is perfect for inside or outside your home when you are entertaining. There are lots of different designs for these so you can get creative. You can find instructions on how to make one here.


8) Potting Table

You can upcycle a door and a table to create a DIY potting table for your garden. You can get a tutorial and check out different designs here.


9) Bench

You can create a bench from some doors in about 60 minutes. Get the tutorial here.


10) Planter


Just hang some pots on a door to create a cute planter. You can find the tutorial on how to make the one below here.


11) Outdoor Swing

You can also use some doors to create an upcycled swing. Here‘s how they did it at Huckleberry Lane.


12) Table

You can toss some legs onto an old door and turn it into a table.

13) Jewelry Organizer

Add some hooks to a door and use it as a jewelry organizer.

14) Kitchen Island

If you have some carpentry skills you can create a base and add a door to it to create a kitchen island.


15) Chalkboard

If you hang a door and use some chalkboard paint, you can turn a door into your family’s message board.





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