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Stop Throwing Away Those Plastic Bottles, They Are Not Waste Anymore

Furniture can make or break the look of your house and it is very important to have quality furniture at your house to make the guests feel good. However, the prices of the furniture has made it difficult for a few to have them and they are forced to compromise.

But, you need worry as this DIY technique will provide you amazing stools to decorate your house and all it needs are used plastic bottles.

Here’s how you can do it.

First collect used plastic bottles and tape them together in this arrangement


Then take two circular wooden pieces (cardboard can be used as substitute)


And screw them together on each end for support


Use polyester wadding to cover the sides of the stool, you can also use layers of thick and soft fabric.


Put cotton on the top side of the stool and sew it in place. This side of the stool is for sitting.


Prepare a cover for the stool using two circular pieces and one rectangular piece of fabric. Sew it in a cylindrical shape.


Choose a fabric of your choice to decorate.


Your stylish is now ready to impress your guests (Stool legs are optional).

What are you waiting for, start decorating your house with these amazing stools.






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