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6 Mindboggling Questions About This Week’s Game Of Thrones We Still Have!

#1. Where was Ghost for the entire battle?


If you didn’t notice, there was a lot going on in the battle. Horses were charging in random directions, while thousands of muddy men butchered other thousands of muddy men. In this chaos, I guess we all forgot about Ghost. It is not like Jon Snow to leave his most loyal companion locked up in a cage. Ghost would be more than willing to rip a few throats, as we know Jon’s army was quiet short-handed. A blood-thirsty beast would have been handy in this situation.


#2. Do the Greyjoys have a teleporter or what?


It’s strange when it comes to TV reality, I mean Bran grows three feet every year, Littlefinger is at one place now and at another place later, I mean, how do they even travel that fast without air travel (you know, dragons)

This week, the Greyjoys appeared in Daenerys’ chambers in an overnight siege. Now that was a bit too concise, don’t you think?


#3.  Why didn’t Davos ask about Shireen earlier?


Davos was pretty close to Shireen — she taught him how to read and comforted him after his sons died at the Battle of the Blackwater. Losing the last person he truly loved has to be pretty rough on Davos, so you can imagine he’ll want some kind of retribution.

But the thing is, he already asked Melisandre about Shireen at the end of the last season, after Stannis met Brienne’s steel.


Judging from the previews, we’ll get some closure on this storyline in the finale, but it still doesn’t sit right that Davos would suddenly forget someone he cared about so deeply.

#4. Where did they get all of those Winterfell banners?


Um, where the hell did those Stark banners come from? They’re in such neat condition, it almost seems like Ramsay did them the courtesy of keeping them in a cool dry place during his tenure as Lord of Winterfell. That doesn’t seem likely, however, coming from the guy who feeds babies to his starving hounds. Maybe Theon teleported some banners over from whatever the hell timeline he’s in.

#5. Why wouldn’t Sansa just tell Jon to hold off until the Littlefinger’s army arrived?


Sansa knew Littlefinger was coming eventually, so why wouldn’t she just tell her brother the truth?

Yes, we did get the best battle sequence in the history of television, but it is still kind of lame that they had to shut these characters just to get there.

#6. How awesome was it to see Ramsay devoured by an adorable dog?


Just too awesome.