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According To Study, India Is The Country Leading In The Number Of Deaths Caused By Selfies

Modern technology has provided us a plethora of things to which we are addicted these days. Some of these technologies are beneficial while others, not really. Among the recent trends, selfies are one such trend which has emerged due to the evolvement of technology. Everyone around us if you see is busy taking a selfie or two. Even the mobile phones made these days focus on being a selfie-oriented device. But, as per saying, there is always a negative side. The extremity of this side being deaths caused by selfies. And a particular country leads in the number for this particular thing.

Here is the country which leads to the number of deaths happened due to selfies!

Everyone knows what selfies are. People are getting addicted and everyone wants to try something new. This zeal of trying to take different kinds of selfies has raised the number of deaths caused due to selfies.

In a study conducted by the Scientists of the Institute of computer science, Carnegie Mellon in Pennsylvania in collaboration with the Institute of information technology Indraprastha in Delhi gave the statistics showing the number of deaths caused due to a selfie. The study even gave the name of the country which leads this regard.

As per the study, a total number of 127 people have died over a span of 18 months (March 2014- September 2016) while taking a selfie in the entire world. That’s a huge number if seen from the perspective of the cause behind it. And the country which leads is none other India.

The study which was named, Me, Myself and My Killfile: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths” (“me, myself and my Killy: causes and ways to prevent destruction during the selfie”), gave a shocking result which said India is the country which leads in deaths caused while taking a selfie.

76 out of the total 127 deaths are alone from this one country. The reasons behind every death were just the same, something unique. All of us have heard about the 17-year-old student who drowned while taking a selfie in June 2017. Or about Tarannum Ansari and Mineski Priya Rajesh who drowned as well off the coast of Mumbai while taking selfies with the sea in the background.

The alarming number of deaths in the country made the cops aware of the situation and in a statement published in the newspaper said, “We are on duty in places where the waves are particularly high, During a storm or strong wind we do not allow tourists to get closer to the sea, to be photographed. The patrol instructed not to stop people from doing dangerous stunts.”






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