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What Your Body Parts Reveals About Your Personality

The foremost thing we notice in a person is their personality. If we let down by a person’s personality we lack interest in him/her.  A person’s body parts and body language are enough to make a judgment about his/her personality. Very few people know about the fact that our body parts speak a lot about our personality. As per studies, our body parts reflect our personality traits in certain manners like nail biting, legs movement etc.


Our Forehead is one of the body parts which reflect a lot of our personality. People with broad forehead are genius kind of people. And people with high forehead are more of serious and stale in their lives as they have a hold of their emotions.

2. Face

If you have a narrow face then you are a very trustworthy person. People with the broad face are experts at lying. People who have a face like a book are very vocal and expressive about their emotions.

3. Ears

In case you have a pair of protruding ears then you are expert in attention seeking. If the upper part of your ear is bigger than your lower ear then you are a brainy person and if your ear is flat then you are a creative soul!

4. Hair

Hair is one of the most important body parts to judge an individual’s personality. A study says that there is a huge connection between your hair color and IQ level. People with blonde hair are pretty confident. People who have black and blonde hair have a different style of working.

5. Eyes

One always feels drawn towards people with beautiful eyes. People with blue eye color aren’t strong in both ways, emotionally as well as physically. People with green eye color are very unique. The contrast of blue and brown color eyes shows the level of emotions of a person.






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