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15+ Embarrassing Nightclub Drunk Fails

Great thing about weekends is that you can enjoy the night long without being anxious about waking up at premature hours of the next day. Most of us want to feast and drink on Saturday. Deal with a hangover on Sunday. And back to work on Monday looking all fresh. How frequent is it that you get so drunk on Saturday that even Sunday is not sufficient enough to get you sober?

So, as it happens, these people are here to show you what exactly awkward nightclub fails mean:

I wanna look pretty for my photo

Well, this picture would be the greatest reminder of her ‘high’ self.

Best waste-buddies

Apparently her girlfriends are so close, that they won’t allow her to poop without taking a selfie.

Age is just a number

Looks like grandpa’s found his ‘someone new’.

Curiosity kills the cat

While the other girl poses for her photo, the guy is engrossed in his recent findings.

How’s my vajayjay?

When you chilin’ in da club, but your bae asks you to ‘send n*des’!

Don’t mind me, I’m just looking for something

‘I’m sorry, I’m looking for my penny. Have you seen it around’.

“Look. I’m an ostrich.”

“Damn, check that a**, man.” “Too close, Dave. Too close.”

Let’s play ‘Muppets’.

Well, as long as the girl is enjoying it, I won’t say a thing.

“I do Yoga. If you know what I mean.”

Well, her friend there isn’t as inspired by her inhuman flexibility.

Twerkin’ in 80’s

The old man is enjoying his second innings quite to the fullest.

Ooh. Look what I found.

Well, sure the b**bs are something that piques the interest of any guy.





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