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Wild Thanksgiving’s Where People Ended Up In The ER

This relatively harmless holiday can be turned into a nightmare by many a stupid decisions and some unfortunate turn of events. Off all the days surely medical practitioners might prepare to expect more number of people visiting the ER because they know people just cannot calm their crazy during a holiday.

You’ll never believe why these people ended up in the ER on Thanksgiving day:

Being rushed into the hospital second time today! First time was I broke my leg and now my stomach! Oh my god! Some thanksgiving


so far this thanksgiving i fell down the stairs broke my foot and sprained my hand and im in the hospital now


I broke my ankle visiting my family for Thanksgiving. I fell off a sidewalk. I didn't know it was broken until I returned home.


I never got cramps for my period so when I got cramps for the first time I went to ER. I spent 12 hrs in there during thanksgiving for them to tell me it's my period...


On thanksgiving, I got hit by a car. I lied to my parents and said I fell. I only got a dislocated elbow and a few bruises.


I ended up in the er on Thanksgiving... it wasn't how I wanted spend my day!