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Fan Theory Suggests Phoebe From ‘ Friends ‘ Is Really A Teleporting Alien

There was always something a bit mystical about Phoebe from Friends, maybe it was her ditzy, scatterbrained personality.

Phoebe is a mystical, magical being from another planet. Check out this clip from the very first episode.

In this scene, Phoebe – brought to life by the brilliant Lisa Kudrow, of course – is in two places at once.

There she is in the kitchen, holding a cup of coffee and talking to Rachel. And then the camera switches and there she is sitting on the living room sofa with the same cup in her hand.

So either she can be in two places at once or she has the power of teleportation.

Of course, there are some people who are claiming that this is actually just a mistake.

Friends was recently voted by the users of Ranker.com as the best sitcom of all-time.

There’s one more theory that suggests Joey and Monica were drug addicts.

There’s also a super confusing, very meta theory that Joey was a real person playing a character based on himself (as opposed to Matt LeBlanc just playing dumb) and one incredibly dark theory that suggested the whole 10 seasons were all a fantasy invented by a meth-addicted Phoebe as she stared through the window of Central Perk at a bunch of strangers.





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