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‘Virgin Killing Sweater’ New Design Reveals Part Of The Breast And Butt

Japanese fashion usually reminds us of kimono, yukata, or the sailor school uniforms. And for most of the people around the world who are interested in fashion, the lesser known styles and subcultures of Japan are becoming more widely recognized. They were viewed as creative and influential to fashion by some and looked on with confusion and amusement by others.

However, among all these fashion releases, there were few fashion releases that caught the world’s attention because of their weird fashion sense. We all have seen weird and extraordinary fashion trends around the world, but this trend in Japan definitely topped them all.

Dubbed as the “Virgin-Killing Sweater”, the “open chest” sweater exposes part of the butt and a peek at side-boobs. According to Rocket News 24 reports, “While the ample front coverage and high collar mean that the sweater leaves no cleavage whatsoever on display, it’s extremely open on the sides and at the back, promising plenty of side-boobs and even a peek at the top edge of the buttocks.

“The implication seems to be that the design is so scandalous that it will fry the brain of sex-starved lonely males.”

It became a internet sensation after a 21-year-old busty model Jun Amaki shared pictures on her Instagram handle wearing the dress that got Japan thirsty. This new ‘open chest’ sweater has definitely become a sensation courtesy fashion models.





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