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Eggs To Make Your Plants Super Healthy

If you are having trouble with your plants not surviving then you know that something is wrong with the soil. And eggs are perfect to make your soil great for your plants to thrive.


You’ll need the following:

  • Pot
  • Plant soil
  • Raw egg

Select where you want to plant the egg.


The shell contain limestone that serves as fertilizer while the content of the egg yolk is rich in calcium. This helps the plants germinate and ensures that the roots don’t decay.

Now take your pot and fill it roughly 2 inches with soil. Place an egg in the middle of the pot – if it rots, it serves as a natural fertilizer. Then cover the egg with soil. Because the egg is added completely, the nutrients will be given to the plants for a long period of time.

Depending on what kind of plants you would like to grow, it’s time to plant the seeds according to the instructions on the package.


And now it’s time to wait until the plants start to grow. This usually takes a little time but when they reach the surface at last you’ll have super healthy plants.


You can use old eggs that have gone past their expiration date. This way you don’t waste any eggs and your plant will grow to be healthier and provide better yield.