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They Never Knew That Waffle Irons Can Do These Works

The waffle iron is one of the most useful thing around the house. We often tend to underestimate the uses of a waffle iron. Here are some delicious ways of using a waffle iron which are different from the conventional ways.

  1. Waffle iron French toast

If you are a French toast fan then you definitely going to love this. You can make a normal recipe French toast in a waffle style with the help of the waffle iron.

  1. Waffle iron banana bread

The waffle iron banana bread is another good recipe. You need to make the batter of the banana bread and just use the waffle iron to cook it. This will make for a delicious and healthy meal.

  1. Waffle iron omelet

Eggs are the best thing to have at breakfast. You can beat the egg in the normal way and then cook it in the waffle iron to make it look and taste amazing!

  1. Waffle iron hash brown

This is one potato recipe everyone will like. You need to add all the condemned to the hash brown recipe into the potatoes and then lay on onto the waffle iron. Press it down and you will have waffle iron has browns.

  1. Cinnamon roll waffles

This is one of the easiest and tastiest dessert around. You will need to prepare the cinnamon roll batter and then put it onto the iron. In place of the maple syrup, use the cinnamon sauce.

These are some great ways to use a waffle iron.