Home Hacks Clean The Inside Of Your Microwave In A Matter Of Minutes!

Clean The Inside Of Your Microwave In A Matter Of Minutes!

Microwaves are a blessing and save a lot of time when you need to heat up some leftovers. But over time, repulsive, dried food particles start to collect on the inside and it can be a health risk to keep using your microwave in this state. If only cleaning it wasn’t so hard… Well, with this fairy-tale method, it’s not! You can wipe away all the lewdness in one easy move with this simple trick.

If only cleaning was always this easy! Imagine if you could stick a lemon in your bathroom for three minutes and the tiles came up sparkling afterward! This method will save you time and energy while cleaning your microwave. One simpler tip to make future cleaning even easier: Always wipe up food particles in the microwave instantly after use so they don’t dry up and stick to the inside.

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