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12 Natural Ways To Get Fuller, Pink And Healthy Lips

Chapped lips, pigmentation, darkness, we’re all tired of these problems?

We always find women more beautiful and attractive when they have plump and pink, healthy-looking lips. Count in Kim Kardashian or any other celebrity, as a matter of fact. However, because of our dull routine, we kind of lose the charm and even a hang of ways to keep our everything about our body in check. But fret not, we have listed down 12 easy and natural ways right off your kitchen shelf that will help you a great deal.

Take a look:

#1. Use a lip balm. 

A lip balm acts as one of the best ways to moisturize along with having them looking healthy and plump for long.

#2. Play with your lipsticks. 

Use the right ways and tricks to applying lipsticks. Try outlining the lip first with a lip liner and fill it in. Filling it in with a lip liner gives an illusion of beautiful lippies. After using lip liner generously, use lipstick on top of it.

#3. Use the right lip gloss trick. 

While you might love how you can just slather your favorite lip gloss, there is a certain trick to use. Use your lip gloss right at the center of your lips and see how the illusion does wonders to your look.

#4. Exfoliate!!

The best way to have healthy lip is to use a lip scrub. Take some sugar and honey or coconut oil and get down to business. Scrub your lips lightly with this mixture, wash and apply a generous amount of lip balm before going to bed.

#5. Your lips need a mask too. 

If you are one of those people who believe, there is nothing like a lip mask. Let us tell you, you are mistaken. Lip masks are available on the market but in case, you don’t want to empty your pocket, you might as well use things right off your kitchen shelf. One good way is to take 1 teaspoon raw, organic honey, mix it with half a teaspoon of fresh pomegranate juice and leave it on your lips for at least 15 minutes.

#6. Drink Carrot juice or use it as a mask. 

Carrot juice is known for giving a pink color to the lips and it is a very good agent to reduce the dark spots on the lips. You may even drink it as a daily potion or use it as a mask and leave it on your lips for about 10 minutes.

#7. Use Cucumber slices. 

Cucumber is a well-known staple for spas and home remedies. Not just your face masks but your detox water majorly consists of cucumber too. But now you can even use cucumber for your chapped lips too.

#8. Use the right toothpaste.

Using the right toothpaste is a must when it comes to keeping the lips health in check. A wrong toothpaste can cause irritation and make your lips turn darker.

#9. Opt for natural lip stains.

Natural cosmetics and lip stains cause less trouble to your lips. Because lips are a sensitive part of your body, you’ve got to keep chemicals away from it.

#10. Go for micellar water or oil to clear your lips off the makeup. 

Miscellar water is a magical substance in disguise. Trust us, it saves life. If you are fond of using a lot of lipsticks and you love experimenting a lot. Ditch your normal makeup removers and go for micellar water.

#11. Your lips get a tan too. Use a sunblock. 

#12. Use lemon and milk as a mask. 

Lemon is a great bleaching agent and milk act as a perfect moisturizer. Using lemon and milk as a mask will leave you feeling smooth and soft.

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