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Girl Undergoes Brain Surgery Because Mom Popped Her Blackeads

Wash your hands before you touch your face because like this poot 10-year-old girl you don’t want to end up in surgery.

The mother’s hands were unclean which triggered a serious bacterial infection in the girl’s body, doctors from Guangzhou, southern China, claimed.

It’s said that the infection reached the girl’s brain through blood circulation.

The young patient, named Xiao Mei, had eight millilitre of pus as well as an abscess removed from her brain during a five-hour operation on Monday, Guangzhou Daily reported.

The abscess, an area of inflamed tissue, is said to be found under the right temporal lobe and it measured 4.5cm long, 3.5cm wide and 3cm thick.

Temporal lobe is one of the four major lobes of the brain and is located behind and beneath the frontal lobe – involved in processing sensory input from the eyes, ears and nose.

Xiang Yongsheng, a neurosurgeon at The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University in Guangzhou, said the girl was nearly unconscious when she was taken to the hospital in the morning.

Xiang said the pressure inside Xiao Mei’s skull was ‘very high’ and she had symptoms similar to those of the early stage of brain herniation.

High pressure within the skull could be caused by collection of pus and other material in the brain from a bacterial or fungal infection.

The emergency surgery was carried out in the afternoon on the same day after doctors realised the seriousness of her condition through MRI examination.

According to Xiao Mei’s family members, the fifth-grade pupil started suffering from fever, dizziness and drowsiness about two weeks ago.

They thought she had a flu. Apparently initial medical consultation also confirmed she had caught a flu.

However her physical condition was said to be worsened last week. She suffered from headache, vomiting and didn’t have appetite for three days. Her family decided to take her to a bigger hospital .

How did blackhead squeezing lead to an open brain operation

After asking Xiao Mei’s family about her lifestyle, Xiang discovered that Xiao Mei’s mother had squeezed several blackheads on Xiao Mei’s nose a few weeks before.

Her mother said the blackheads effected Xiao Mei’s looks, and she squeezed them before washing and sanitising her hands.

Xiang deduced that this was the cause of Xiao Mei’s illness. Xiang said Xiao Mei had suffered from an MRSA infection.

MRSA, or the ‘superbug’, is a type of bacteria that’s resistant to several widely used antibiotics and is harder to treat than other infections, according to NHS.

Xiang said blood vessels between one’s nose and mouth are connected directly to the brain, and the consequences could be severe if the region, dubbed the ‘dangerous triangle’, gets infected.

The surgeon advises against squeezing blackheads or popping pimples, especially when one’s hands are not thoroughly sanitised.






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