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Grandad And Former Male Entertainer Becomes An Online Sensation Thanks To His SIX-PACK

A granddad who works out six times a week has become an online sensation thanks to his protruding muscles.

Pensioner Bill Hendricks, 67, from Dallas, Texas, now has thousands of fans thanks to his tattered physique and fitness videos.

The former Marine posts his workout routines online and poses topless and has gathered a huge following around the world.

Bill believes he has been given a physical gift and spends at least two hours per day in the gym, only allowing himself one day off from his workout.

A male entertainer in the 1970s, the father-of-three is no stranger to attention and started posting his workouts online around two years ago.

However, he wasn’t prepared for the huge response his videos received.

‘I was reposted on a group for overs forties who keep fit and all of a sudden I had thousands of people following me and interested in how I managed to look like I do,’ she explained.

‘I thought it would be a fun opportunity to speak with people about keeping fit and to maybe tell them how I keep in shape.’

Sharing that he is very disciplined when it comes to his daily routine, Bill eats the same thing every day – oats, omelettes, chicken and salads – and doesn’t drink alcohol.

‘I have two breakfasts and a chicken salad and then I head to the gym around midday for at least two hours, sometimes three,’ he explained.

‘I think I was given a physical gift and I don’t want to waste that. I have always been sporty and kept in good shape.’

He is quick to explain that as he is not a professional personal trainer, he doesn’t like giving other people advice, however he did share that he has only ever seen food as fuel.

‘I just tell people what I do as they seem interested,’ he said.

‘I have always eaten to stay alive. I see food as fuel. I am always trying to get my body fat down.’

Turning 68 in April, Bill also detailed that despite his age, he still gets ‘looks on the street’ and people pay him compliments.

However, he also has to deal with some negativity.

‘Some people are a bit envious at times but most people are supportive and like to see my progress,’ he added.

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