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5 Health Benefits Of Not Drinking Cold Water

There is a misconception that drinking water can only be good for you. But how good the water is for your health really depends on the temperature!

Do you know that drinking cold water comes with a number of disadvantages? When you only drink ice-cold liquid, your body produces more mucus in the back of your throat, which disrupts your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to catching a cold.

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1. Energy boost for your metabolism 

After getting up in the mornings, try a glass of lukewarm water. It raises your body temperature and thereby gets circulation going.

2. Promoting regular bowel movements

As well as enlarging your blood vessels, regularly drinking lukewarm water helps with constipation, leading to routine trips to the toilet.

3. Effective removal of toxins and waste products

As your metabolism, circulation and body temperature are all stimulated at the same time, your body can clean itself through sweating and excretion. Many waste products are removed in this way, getting toxins out of your body’s internal systems.

4. Reduced craving for sugar

When you are gripped by the urge for something sweet, first grab a glass of warm water. In addition, replace drinks containing sugar with pure water as often as possible. Over time, this will curb your appetite for sweet things.

5. Stimulation of digestion

Drinking warm water stimulates the production of specific enzymes, which in turn aids digestion. If you’ve eaten something fatty, it’s recommended that you drink a glass of lukewarm water after. This will better dissolve the fat and it can be digested more easily.

Now you know how the temperature of your drinking water can affect your body and why you should avoid cold water in the future.






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