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5 Things Your Body Odor Says About You

Scientists who study volatile organic compounds (VOCs) said that every person has a distinct odor, just like they have distinct fingerprints. Some scientists call it your “odorprint.” Your odorprint is the reason why a perfume does not smell exactly the same on two different people, and how police dogs can smell out criminals.But your odorprint can also influence your health and relationships, even though our noses aren’t sensitive enough to consciously pick out one person from another.

1. It Can Find Your Soulmate

Studies said that people who have chemically different odorprint tend to attract each other. This is true in the case of humans as well as animals; odor plays a crucial role in helping you find your romantic partner. Though this is the case, smell does not entirely decide who you are going to end up with, as humans don’t consciously choose their partners with the help of body odor.

2. It Shows How Healthy You Are

According to the scientists diseases can add to our odorprint just like stress can. Though the studies haven’t exactly concluded how illnesses can alter our odor, it is true that we can sometimes smell sick people and know they are not keeping well. But science is yet to come up with an advanced technology that would help doctors diagnose illnesses like cancer and diabetes based on body odor alone.

3. It Reveals Whether You Are Stressed Or Anxious

Like animals, humans cannot smell fear or stress. Your odorprint gets altered when you are stressed out or become anxious. This could be the main reason your dog rushes to your side to comfort you or protect you each time you are in trouble. Experts are of the opinion that stress and fear do not exactly change your odorprint, but adds to it. Which means your dog will be able to smell both your regular odor and the scent added when your are anxious or under pressure.

4. It Could Make Or Break Your Friend Circle

Based on your oderprint, people can actually tell whether you are a friendly person or a weirdo. This could be one of the reasons why you tend to like or hate certain people instantly, for no reason in particular. On a different note, you will definitely lose friends if you walk around without showering for days. But studies also prove that even if you smell wonderful, your odorprint has the ability to repel people.

5. It Could Attract More Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes target you more when you are out with your friends, maybe it’s true, thanks to your scent. Scientists have observed how the genes that concoct your odorprint are responsible for attracting mosquitoes.

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