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A 5 Year Old Girl Gets Splinter In Her Feet. Could This Mother Have Found Better Way To Remove The Splinter?

Many a time we end up getting splinters in our hand and feet. They can be easy to remove if the end of the splinter can be seen. But what if the splinter is so deeply embedded that you cannot get it out? A mother of a 5 year old girl recently found herself in a situation where in she could not see the splinter that had lodged itself into her little girl’s feet.

This 5 year old child was playing indoors with no shoes on when suddenly she cried out loudly. A small piece of glass had lodged itself into her feet. She started crying loudly and her mother did all she could to calm her down. Once she was calm, her mother examined the foot and ground that nothing could be seen. But on touching the foot the little girl would cry out probing that there was something inside. This is when she decided to try a home remedy to get out that piece of glass.

She rubbed some Thieves essential oil on the area and then waited for around 8 minutes. She soon saw that the glass was peeking out from in-between the skin. She then got a little pair and tweezers and pulled out the splinter. It did not even hurt her daughter a tiny bit.

You can get Thieves essential oil from any pharmaceutical. Yu can even make it at home. This definitely seems like one of those miracle treatments to save yourself a lot of pain.