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8 Reasons For Bleeding After Sex

It’s common to bleed after sex. But, the fact is it might not happen to all the sexually active women, but it happens to quite a number of women. There are various reasons for that to happen. It can happen because of poor hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases and sometimes even other underlying conditions. Hence, it’s better to keep a check on your reproductive health with regular visits to a gynecologist. Until a family started planning a baby, they hardly give much importance to reproductive health. But that should really change for both men and women. Women should always keep a check on their reproductive health by adhering to good hygienic practices and healthy reproductive choices.

There are many things that can cause bleeding after sex, which is also known as post-coital bleeding. Some of the reasons have been listed below.

1. Menstruation

This can be one of the big reasons as periods can be very unpredictable and it can come without any notice sometimes. Menstruation is a sensitive cycle that a woman’s body go through. This monthly cycle can be susceptible to many external factors that a woman go through or face. Factors like stress, heavy duty exercise, dietary changes and medications can all affect the cycle. Hence, sex being a physical activity can sometimes bring about period earlier than expected in some cases.

2. First Sexual Encounter

This can be another evident reason behind post-coital bleeding. If a girl is sexually inexperienced and indulging in a sexual act for the first time, then it can often lead to the breaking of the hymen or sometimes a vaginal tear which can cause bleeding. For some girls, this post-coital bleeding can continue for even a day. It will be a small amount of bleeding though.

3. Trauma

Any kind of trauma to the vagina can lead to bleeding. Rough use of a sex toy can sometimes cause post-coital bleeding. Post-coital bleeding can also be caused by some grave instances like sexual assault, rape or abuse. In this case, the survivor must get the instance reported and have a doctor look at the injuries immediately. Do not hesitate to talk to someone you trust and seek out help.

4. Dryness Of The Vagina

Lack of lubrication during a vigorous session of sex can increase the amount friction that takes place between the genitals. This friction can sometimes cause bleeding of the vagina. The problem of lack of lubrication can be easily solved by using a commercially available lubricant. Also, it is important that a woman is turned on for her to be lubricated naturally down there. So, it is advisable to indulge in some foreplay to get the woman turned on before indulging in penetrative sex.

5. Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is a common occurrence in women. It happens when naturally available yeast in the vagina grows extensively inside the vagina. This can cause itching which can lead to a vaginal tear and bleeding. It is an easily treatable problem. Over the counter or prescribed medications can easily take care of this problem.

6. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammation disease is a kind of infection that can spread all across the reproductive parts like ovaries, Fallopian tubes and other reproductive organs. This can cause inflammation of the reproductive parts and make it vulnerable to wear and tear which can lead to bleeding.

7. Cancer

Cancer of any reproductive parts can cause post-coital bleeding. If you have a family history of cancer and are experiencing frequent bleeding after sex, then consult a gynecologist immediately. Prevention sometimes can be better than cure, so you need to be proactive about health.

8. Polyps

Polyps are non-cancerous growths on the lining of the uterus. These growths can cause bleeding after sex, periods and sometimes even after menopause. So, consult a gynecologist to be safe.

Precautions can never harm us in any way. So, if you are having a recurring problem of post-coital bleeding, then don’t hesitate to consult a gynecologist for more clarity.






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