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The Doctor Popped Her Pimples. This Is What She Found!

This woman squeezed her lip for a year until a doctor found THIS!

Have you ever had a zit or a pimple that seems to be irritating you to no end? Do you generally pop it yourself? This lady too had this zit that would just not go away. It kept on reappearing and causing problem. Finally she decided that she could take it no longer and visited a dermatologist. You will be surprised to know what happened then.

Dermatologists are used to surprise. When they get patients visiting them with zits and pimples they know how to treat it. If they feel that it needs to be popped they do it directly using the best resources in the safest way. If they feel that medication will do the job and the patient does not need to pop it then they prescribe the best medications and cure them. Sounds simple right? But no, it is not simple as it sounds. This lady understood that well enough.

When she headed over to the doctor, the dermatologist took a good look at this thing she considered a zit. It was placed right below her nose and on top of her lips. The first look revealed it was actually a cyst. A small one but a cyst on the whole. The doctor then went ahead to perform the removal process and what came out surprised everyone in the room.

The video is proof enough that never avoid going to a dermatologist if you see any weird formations anywhere on your skin. At least this lady got off with just a tiny scar!