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What Happens To Your Body One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke Revealed


According to Niraj Naik from truththeory.com, when he worked as a pharmacist, something he noticed that people would still gain weight even though they were following a strict low fat diet recommended to them by their doctor. This made him question whether it is really the ‘fat’ that causes us to gain unhealthy weight. After seeing so many people suffering from obesity related diseases like heart disease, diabetes and the side effects of the medication they were taking, he was curious to find the real reason for obesity in people, if the fat was off the list.

He actually discovered that a trigger factor for many widespread diseases of the west such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes are closely linked to the consumption of one particular substance found in many processed foods and drinks – fructose in the form of high fructose corn syrup. However, most of the population is not aware of its negative consequences for the health. Unfortunately, it is also present in low-fat products, which are considered as healthy alternatives and in many other foods meant for weight loss because the taste of the foods without fat is not really pleasant.

In most of the cases, high fructose corn syrup, combined with numerous other additives, is added for enhancement of flavor. Furthermore, glucose is a type of sugar our body likes since each cell metabolizes it and it is easily burned with a small amount of toxic by-products. Moreover, when you are full, this sugar prevents you from overeating by telling the brain to stop when you are full. On the contrary, fructose is a different type of sugar present in sucrose that breaks down to glucose and fructose. Only the liver metabolizes fructose, which is quite similar to ethanol (the alcohol in the drinks). Therefore, when consuming fructose, it is like you are consuming ethanol without the high. Hence, this confuses the liver and a lot of bad fat is produced in the process. Unlike glucose, fructose sends no signals to the brain for when you are full. What’s more, this is probably the reason why people drink high amounts of fizzy drinks filled with fructose and in the same time consume big meals with refined foods also high in fructose. It is important to mention that fruits also contains fructose, but contain the antidote as well- fibers that prevent your body from absorbing too much fructose.

After Naik’s advices to people to lower high fructose corn syrup intake through lower carb/higher protein diets, to stay away from processed foods, even if labeled as healthy foods, people began to lose weight and feel much better. Also, he advised people to restrain from fizzy drinks like Coca Cola, and turn to water instead, or freshly squeezed juices. Green tea is also an excellent choice, and one of Naik’sfavorites, since it is rich in alpha wave stimulating theanine which serves as an antidote to the side effects of caffeine. He proposed transferring to Stevia to the ones who loved consuming tea and coffee with sugar! Taking into consideration that on a daily basis, there are 1.6 billion Coke servings sold, he became rather unpopular in the UK since he advised people to stop drinking fizzy drinks, including Coca Cola. The next information that he found explain what happens with bodies when we drink Coca Cola. The same goes for other fizzy drinks as well!