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Have You Ever Seen Your Teeth After Wrapping It With Aluminum Foil?

Whitening your teeth is a very expensive procedure and that cannot give the same effect also. There are many home remedies which can be invaluable and worthwhile to try. Home remedies can beat all chemicals and it is nearly free.

Teeth Whitening Using Chemicals:

If you use chemicals for whitening your teeth it won’t give same effect always. If you have grey teeth, then whitening method won’t show any visible effect. But if you have yellow teeth, then this will surely give you a magical effect to your teeth. Many tooth pastes contain low amount of chemical carbamide peroxide and this clean your tooth enamel mechanically. Dentists claim and it is proved scientifically that too many uses of chemicals for whitening your teeth can give a bad effect on your tooth enamel. So be careful of using many whitening products.

Home Remedy for Teeth Whitening:

There is a most simple and almost free home remedy which can whiten your teeth amazingly. Mix some baking soda with some tooth paste. Add little water to mix it well and apply a layer of tin foil. Take an aluminum foil, apply some tooth paste on it and wrap it around your teeth. If you want the best result then leave it for one hour. Do it twice a week. You will be amazed by the result. It will make your teeth pearly white. The best thing is, it has no side effects.