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How to know if you have a stone in your kidney?

Every ailment seems unbearable to us. It may be a simple headache, or may be appendicitis. Whenever anything occurs, our life becomes miserable.

So, we always need good health to stay well. Like other ailments, kidney stones are also something unbearable especially when the stomach aches.

If you have stones in your kidney that end up being obstructed in the urinary tract, it will not only be painful but also threatening.

Signs and symptoms:

Usual signs that you might have stone in kidney are –

  • Sickness that is constant or continuous
  • Micturition
  • Pain in lower abdomen
  • Fever that is unusual and does not disappear
  • Colour of urine changed to an unusual shade than normal
  • Continuous feeling of need to urinate and never to feel complete or satisfied after urinating
  • Reduced amount of urine in total than usual
  • a
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  • Other signs:

    There are other signs as well that can be indicative that you might have developed a stone in your kidney. The other signs may be –

    • Pain in backbone and abdomen
    • Lack of calcium
    • Flu like symptoms
    • music
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    • If you have these signs, it can be considered that you are at risk that a stone might have developed in your kidney.