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Man Reveals He’s Slowly Losing His Penis To Terminal Penile Cancer

When Dale Clarke found a lump on the tip of his penis, he instantly went to seek medical advice. At first, the doctors thought it may have only been because his foreskin was too tight – but it turned out to be something worse.

He was ultimately circumcised and after several tests, Dale was diagnosed with terminal penile cancer, a rare type of cancer. Since the diagnosis, the 25-year-old fitness buff has undergone 5 surgeries, 9 rounds of radiotherapy, and 2 rounds of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, the tumors keep coming back and now he has lost sensation on his private part.

Dale Clarke, 25, no longer has a sex life because of the rare and aggressive cancer.

Only 25 years of age, Dale’s sex life with Paige King, his fiancée, is officially crumbling because of his condition. Together, the couple has baby on the way plus Dale has a 6-year-old son named Cole.

The devastated man shared:

“It’s absolutely destroyed me as a person. I struggle to walk to the toilet and my penis has no use other than to try and urinate from it.

“It has no feeling. The cancer is busy eating away around it so I will probably lose it altogether soon.

“I’ve got my kids to think about and I can’t be selfish and give up.”

Despite his challenge, Dale wants to stay focused on the things that matter most.

As he explained:

“Using it sexually – that part of my life is gone now and I’ve accepted it. They could cut it all off and it wouldn’t bother me, that’s how far past it I am.

“I know it’s terminal but I’m not planning to go anywhere for a few years. I want to concentrate on watching my children grow up.”

Paige has courageously taken the role of a carer.

Paige, who will be a first-time mother of a baby girl soon, commented:

“He’s the best thing that came into my life and made me look at life in a totally different way. I couldn’t thank him enough for giving me a chance to become a mum.

“I’ve wanted a baby for a very long time and he made it come true. He made me believe in love again.

“Dale will live on through his baby – if it’s a girl her middle name is going to be Dayle.”

So now the family is resolute to make the most of Dale’s remaining days.

Heartbroken yet optimistic, Dale pointed out:

“Getting married, bringing my little girl up and spending as much time as I can with my little boy is what I want to do now.”

Moreover, Dale is also warning other men about the disease:

“If something doesn’t look or feel right just make sure you get checked out. Push to get a circumcision – before the lump gets too big to do anything about.”

Currently, a crowdfunding page has been set up by friends for the family over at JustGiving.

We read:

“(Dale) and his fiancé are expecting a new baby so Mammy will also have to give up work soon too. We would love to raise some funds to take away some of the stress of providing for this little family as they are privately renting at the moment which is a big financial burden. It would be nice if they could move somewhere more manageable and also nice for Dale to have some treats for him and his family.

“If you could donate even a spare £1, it will help as Dale has so many friends so it will all add up to a nice helpful sum. If you can’t donate then please show Dale support anyway by sending him well wishes.”

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