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Tried Using Gelatin for Your Osteoarthritis and Pains?

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that commonly affects older people. Symptoms include swelling, disfigured cartilage, loss of motion, and abnormal bone growth.


The disease can cause pain in the knee, hips, fingers, toes, back, and neck which are the most common affected parts of the body.

Gelatin is made from collagen and can be bought at any local grocery or bakery store. They come in granules and clear sheets.

Consuming gelatin is considered effective and is backed by science. The American Academy of Family Physicians, Dallas, Texas reported during a meeting that adding gelatin to your diet can help people who have mild osteoarthritis of the knees. The study was conducted on 175 patients who were given either a placebo or a gelatin supplement. The group that took the supplement had significant improvements on pain, mobility, and stiffness.

The study was conducted while the sample were on a good diet that had compulsory intake of vitamin C rich food. So the researchers recommend that if you’re going to add gelatin to your osteoarthritis treatment, you may also want to up your vitamin C consumption. Just 60 mg of the vitamin (which is equivalent to one orange) is enough to obtain the protective effect. You can also eat more citrus fruits and berries, which are rich in the vitamin as well.

How to take it:

  1. As A Supplement: The pill form of gelatin is readily available in many health food shops and you only need to take them as directed.
  2. In Food:  You can prepare gelatin on your own by follow the instructions found on the packet. Make sure to choose the sugar-free version.

For vegans and vegetarians there are substitutes for vegetarian gelatin. But these still require trials and additional information. There are also fish gelatin substitutes for those who don’t want to eat meat, but are fine with other animal products.