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Woman Raises Money For Surgery As She Has No Vaginal Opening

An American woman born without a vagina may have the chance to “feel like a woman” after raising money for a surgery that could change her life.

Kaylee Moats, a 22-year-old from Arizona, has no vaginal opening, cervix or uterus, a condition known as Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser syndrome (MRKH).

She had known about her condition since she was 18, when she was informed by her gynecologist after she still hadn’t had her period. Her family had previously thought that she was just a “late bloomer”.

“When I first found out about my condition my mom was with me at the gynaecologist,” she said. “The main thing that made me realise that I had MRKH was that I didn’t get my period but my 12-year-old sister did. It does look exactly how it should look like, everything looks normal the only thing is I don’t have the vaginal opening – its just a little dimpled skin where the hole should be.”

Kaylee was distraught. “I was heartbroken and confused when the doctor came in and told me he didn’t see a uterus in the ultrasound. I was scared for the future because I didn’t know what’s coming up next and how I would be able to have my own family one day.

“I didn’t know that I didn’t have a vaginal opening until later on because they only did an ultrasound at first.”

Ms Moats has a boyfriend, but admits that it can be difficult.

“I met Robbie in my senior year of college when I was working at the front desk,” she said. “He thought I was cute so he came up to me and we started talking since.

“It took about a month for me to tell him that I have MRKH. He was confused at first but supportive and said that it doesn’t change how he sees me. He doesn’t really focus on the sexual side of our relationship because we can’t do anything since I don’t have a vaginal opening.

“But I am looking forward to having a sexual relationship. I’m not sure If I want to wait until marriage but I think having that option there is a lot more comforting.”

The surgery that Kaylee needs is considered cosmetic surgery and her health insurance refused to pay for it, which prompted her to set up the GoFundMe campaign to raise the $15,000 required.

“The fact that insurance considers this a cosmetic or a gender surgery really upsets me,” Kaylee said. “I have all the correct chromosomes of a woman so it’s not a gender or cosmetic thing because it’s not what’s outside that is different. I can’t see inside what is wrong with me.

“I think not being able to have the surgery would have a negative impact on my relationship because sex is a big part of a relationship.

“I do think it sucks that I can’t do sexual things with Robbie even if I wanted too but that hasn’t really been the focus of our relationship. The only people that know about my condition is my family, a few relatives, Robbie and some friends.

“Getting the surgery will help me feel normal and have all the right body parts as any other girl. I won’t have to hide that part of my life. That part of my life will be fixed.”

Let’s hope she gets it sorted.

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