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Young Mom Told She Was Too Young To Have Bowel Cancer Died Because Of It

When she was only 32-years-old Nicole Yarran learnt from an ultrasound during her their pregnancy that she was diagnosed with bowel cancer that had already spread to her liver.

Nicole from Perth, Western Australia, was showing early signs of the diseases before the diagnosis—she was losing weight, feeling bloated, constipated, and had discovered blood in her stool, reported the Australian ABC.


“Early in 2015, that’s when I started realizing that she was losing a lot of weight,” Nicole’s mother, Kathy Narrier, told ABC 7.30.

“She had no energy. If you knew Nicole you knew there was something wrong.”

Nicole raised her concerns with a doctor but was told she was “too young” to have bowel cancer, reported the news station.

“She told him the symptoms, that she had bleeding from the bowel,” Kathy said.

“He boiled it down to irritable bowel syndrome and kept giving her medication for that. They wouldn’t do the stool test, no colonoscopy or nothing. They just said that she was too young,” she added.

Nicole was diagnosed on Christmas Eve 2015 with metastatic colorectal cancer after doctors found “eight golf ball-sized tumors” on her liver after a routine ultrasound for her pregnancy, reported Unilad.

“If the doctor had only listened to her symptoms and requested a stool sample or full blood count, at least they would have found it in 2014 because it was the pregnancy that aspirated the cancer, it literally fed the tumors,” Kathy told digital media website.

“Nicole was a warrior during her ordeal, she got angry at the sight of tears, and yes she hid the majority of her prognosis, it was not until she developed fluid that it became apparent that we were on borrowed time,” she added.

The mother of three died from the disease in September this year.

Kathy said her daughter’s last request was to help young people better understand the risk of bowel cancer.

“If you know your body and you know something’s wrong, don’t take their word. Continually ask them to do something about it,” Kathy told ABC 7.30.





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