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10 Most Disturbing Photos You Will Ever See

We live in a blissful world, but sometimes we fail to see the horrendous things happening in the rest of the world.

So many problems all around the world it is crazy. We have to be thankful we live such a peaceful life.

Take a look:

#10 Libya March, 2011

After the withdrawal of the leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi a female rebel fighter shoots her AK-47.

#9 Vietnam War

This picture was taken after a napalm attack by the U.S troops. You can see the fear in these young children’s eyes running down the street.

#8 Public Execution in China

In China this man was executed in public. They beheaded him and put his head between his own legs for everyone to see.

#7 China’s Ling Chi Execution


They executed Ling Cho for being a criminal. The did a thousand small cuts all over his body till he finally bled out and died a horrible death.

#6 Sudan

This is a picture that was taken in Sudan. It appears to be a man that is starving crawling his way to the feeding center.

#5 Haiti

This picture just hurts me so much, it is a little kid that was killed and this man is tossing him into a pile of dead people like its nothing.

#4 Keith Sapsford

Keith Sapford is a young Australian boy that hid in the wheel of a Japanese airplane’s tire that was going to Tokyo. He fell to his death.

#3 Hiroshima

When the U.S bombed Japan with an atomic bomb, people were immediately vaporized right where they were standing.

#2 Don’t worry

This is just a max mold of a picture. Still wonder where the artist came up with this specific idea. So gruesome.

#1 Russia

This girl was getting robbed and in the process the robber stabbed her in the neck. She was in complete shock and couldn’t believe what was going on. The wound was less than an inch away from her spine.