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5 Short Horror Stories That Are Better Than Most Scary Movies

Thanks to New York-based artist and CollegeHumor head illustrator Jacob Andrews, our longing for horror stories might just be fulfilled. His short series of frightening comics are flawlessly crafted for horror’s sake. He features texts from the afterlife, a dog that loves digging up bones, and unwelcome intruders. And in spite of offering few frames, these stories manage to unsettle even the bravest of readers.

So, if you’re ready to dive into a scary experience, scroll down below and read some of Jacob’s works. We double dare you to share it your friends, so you can also scare them. You can thank us later, of course!

#1. The Dog

#2. Text From Afterlife

#3. Surviving a Fall

#4. Beneath the Sea


#5. The Doorknob’s Sound

Basically, Andrews got these two-sentence horror stories from Reddit. He just gave them life by illustrating and making them into a scary comic series. Though these works gave him a huge bump, he is still well-known for his site called, For a Lack of Better Comic. Not only does he create scary stuff, but he also illustrates optical illusions and funny reads – all crafted into comics.

For those who want to check Jacob and his works, you can follow him on Twitter and/or like him on Facebook.

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