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Conjoined Twins Were Snatched At Birth And Subjected To Cruel Medical Experiments

Did you know that the oldest living conjoined twins were 53 years old before they passed away in 2003?

The story behind these twins is perhaps the worst in the world. When the conjoined twins were born, the Russian authorities took them away from their mother.

The names of the conjoined twins were Dasha and Masha Krivoshlyopova. The Russian authorities took the conjoined twins away so that Stalin’s medical staff could conduct terrible experiments on them.

The reason why the Russian medical authorities were involved in experimenting with Dasha and Masha was that they had separate nervous systems while sharing the same blood system. In the name of science, the Russian medical authorities injected the conjoined twins with multiple toxic and radioactive substances, kept them awake by force, electrocuted, starved, froze and burnt them.

Despite the horrible treatment they received, no one from the world knew about their existence or what happened to them when they were children. People only got to know the complete story of what the Russian medical authorities did to Dasha and Masha through Juliet Butler, a journalist. The conjoined twins spent a large part of their lives in residential institutions.

Juliet Butler had been their friends for quite some time. According to Juliet Butler, the conjoined twins had totally different personalities even though they went through the same horrors as children, had the same genetics and lived in the same lower body all their lives.

One of the conjoined twins was a dominant and cruel psychopath who emotionally abused her empathetic, kind, gentle and caring sister who just wanted to live a normal life.

Juliet Butler had met the conjoined twins in 1988. Soon after, she became friends and got to know them well. Juliet Butler told MailOnline the following things.

“I’ve no doubt at all that Masha was a psychopath – she ticked all the boxes.”

‘Dasha was in an emotionally abusive relationship – similar to the situation some people find themselves in with a partner.

‘But while those people have a chance to leave, Dasha physically couldn’t.

‘Masha denied Dasha everything she ever longed for – a chance of love, a relationship with their mother, a job and even what she wanted most: a separate body.’

Ms. Butler wanted to make sure the world got to know about what happened to the conjoined twins. As a result of this train of thought, she wrote a novel about them called ‘The Less You Know The Sounder You Sleep.’ The novel shows people what the Russian medical authorities did to them and how it had an impact on their lives.

Guinea pigs for Russian medical authorities
Just after the birth of the twins on January 1950, the Russian medical authorities took the twins away from Yekaterina, their mother. However, the mother was oblivious that her babies were snatched away as the authorities told her, they died after birth.

The Russian medical authorities took them to Academy of Medical Sciences Pediatric Institute situated in the region of Moscow. The twins were in the medical institute so that scientists could experiment on them like guinea pigs.

The fact that the girls shared a blood system but not a nervous system, deeply interested the Russian medical authorities. The scientists performed inhumane tests on them such as subjecting them to intense temperature conditions, extreme hunger, and extended periods of sleep deprivation.

The scientists conducted even more hideous experiments such as checking the temperature of one of the siblings while the other one was submerged in icy water and checking the reaction of the other sister when they poke the one sister with needles.

When Dasha and Masha were children, one of them was suffering from measles while the other one was healthy, which meant that the separate nervous systems allowed one to remain in good health while the other one fell sick.

The Russian medical authorities moved Dasha and Masha to the Central Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in 1956. The authorities hid the twins for eight years in the children’s ward. Soon after, the authorities moved them again to a boarding school for motor-impaired children.

Juliet Butler said, “It was myself who told Dasha and Masha that they had been subject to these cruel experiments from birth until the age of six, when I found out about them. They said they couldn’t remember. They could recall only happy things – such as the time a nurse brought them a toy.”

Juliet talks about how Masha used to force her sister to consume alcohol so that they could get drunk, “They had their own hearts and lungs but shared a blood supply, so when one drank alcohol they could both get drunk. But Masha was unable to because of a gag reflex. And despite Dasha detesting alcohol she forced her to drink anyway.”

A strange type of possessive love

Dasha had found a boy who loved her back. However, Masha was extremely possessive and didn’t let anything to happen. Juliet said, “It was very much required – the boy really loved her back. He tried so hard with Masha to get her on side but she was possessive. No one could have Dasha only her.”

Dasha wanted to reconnect with their mother, but Masha cut them off after four years. Dasha was keen on undergoing a surgery so that she could live by herself and lead a normal life. However, Dasha was against this idea and rejected it.

Masha, unfortunately, passed away on April 17, 2003, because of a heart attack. Dasha loved her sister so much that she didn’t want to get separated, despite her death. After 17 hours, Dasha also passed away due to the toxic chemicals that got released from the decomposing body of Masha.

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