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Verónica Isn’t Just Terrifying – It’s Based On A True Story

Netflix dropped a whole load of new stuff earlier this week but one title has had people all over the world talking about it – which is strange for a moderately low budget Spanish subtitled horror movie.

Verónica is a psychological/supernatural horror film brought to you by fright specialist Paco Plaza. Plaza also directed the REC films and has previous for creating edgy, tense atmospheres in his films.

It dropped onto Netflix with very little fanfare together with everything else on February 26th – though it actually premiered last year at Toronto International Film Festival.

It tells the story of young Verónica, a teenage girl who has to look after her younger siblings after the death of her father and the constant absence of her mother.

She and her mates try to summon up some spirits during a solar eclipse around a Ouija board they got for free with an occult magazine (where else are you going to get one?) – which seems like a pretty silly idea, but hindsight is always 20/20 , I guess.

Useless to say, they don’t reach her friend’s dead ex-boyfriend, they do effectively get hold of her dad, though, and – of course – something or someone else.

What reveals next is intense and creepy, and makes the viewer question what is actually real and what is in Verónica’s head.

Speaking of actually real – one of the creepiest things about the movie is that it is based on a true story.

The tale is based on events that took place in a southern part of Madrid in 1992 after which a young girl died in hospital just three days after messing about with an Ouija board (whether there was an eclipse at the time is unclear, but we’d still strongly recommend not messing with the occult during solar/lunar events).

The film takes the three days after the assembly around the Ouija board and fills in the gaps – we did say it was BASED on a true story after all.

The actual case was never solved, and is apparently one of the few instances in police files that are marked as ‘unexplained’.

We should say, the film is pretty loose around the true story, which it can be given that so little is known about the original case, but that questionably makes it scarier.

Combine the fact that we don’t know what is real and what is in Verónica’s head with the fact that certain bits of the film might just be true and you’ve got a bloody scary film.

If you’re brave enough, you could sit out the snowstorm in the UK this evening and watch it – leave the Ouija board out of it though.

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