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10 Facts About Brain Work Which Prove We’re Capable of Anything

You have heard the saying “if you can imagine it then it can be true” wasn’t said that loosely. The power of the brain is such that anything that be thought can be made true. Humans are seen as above all animals on the planet due to the fact that our brains can do much more than all the animals in the kingdom.

Here are some fascinating facts about our brain that will surely blow your mind (figuratively of course!)

This is the line where sanity and insanity is divided, The composition of blood flowing through the brain during its active work remains unchanged. Although, for example, blood from the veins of a man who has worked all day changes considerably.

Often we say mentally tired, but the fact remains that the brain never tires from mental work.

It’s an involuntary organ, just like the heart but if we can will it to do as we please, that is possible by our brain as well.

The brain is powerful. it’s an LCD screen that people are saying how tv’s will looks like in the future. It plays in your head even when your eyes are open. This is imgination.

Even when we sleep, our brain continues to work hard. Moreover, its activity during sleep is even higher than during the day. So challenge your beliefs, use logic, question everything and see yourself become sharper.

In order not to drown in thousands of negative thoughts, we need to “shut ourselves down” to give a break to our immune system. Don’t forget about active rest: for our brain, it’s the most useful kind of relaxation.

letting go is not always a bad thing. to make new memories we need to make space for new ones just like a hard drive.

It would be nice if we were able to decide what to remember and what to forget. To do this, we need to use the information we want to preserve more often.

Funny thing is that the brain helps us feel pain but doesn’t feel it itself because of the lack of necessary receptors. Although this fact doesn’t apply to lots of blood vessels, nerves, and tissues that surround the brain.

Since its enclosed in a hard shell called the scull we think that it’s shape is forever sealed, but no we can change the shape of the brain with the way we think, what we think about, how much we think and all things brainy!
if we believe anything can become real! So dream and believe away because your brain is surely going to help you achieve in one way or the other.