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Here’s How You Can Get Free Food From McDonald’s

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Turns out that there’s a way to get free McDonald’s whenever you want it, all you have to do is save someone’s life.

Yes, like the infamous Nando’s black card or the highly coveted Greggs’ VIP card it turns out that McDonald’s has a secret card that entitles the owner to free food whenever they want it, reports The Mirror.


Unfortunately unless you’re a billionaire or happen to have invented the Big Mac getting one of these exclusive cards isn’t going to be easy. Basically you have to earn one.

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Charles Ramsey earned his when he left his half-eaten Big Mac to come to the aid of three kidnapped women back in May 2013. For his troubles Charles was awarded free McDonald’s, at all locations, for a year and unlimited McDonald’s for ever in his home state of Ohio.

Meanwhile 100-year-old Nadine Baum was recently given free McDonald’s for the rest of her life although admittedly she got a certificate rather than a card.


Unfortunately no gold cards have ever been issued here in the UK, maybe we’re not heroic enough, and McDonald’s told Mirror Online : “Sorry to be a let-down, but the McDonald’s gold card does not exist in the UK.”

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They added:

Individual stores will make a call on the individual, for example a regular customer or local/national hero but there is no policy in the UK of giving away food to people and no plans to introduce it.

Who knows though, maybe if you’re truly heroic you’ll get lucky and Ronald will grant you one of the cards…