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This Is The Ideal Manhood Size – According To Science

The size of a man’s pe*is has always been a subject of interest to most of the women and everybody have their opinion regarding the ideal size.

However, a team of scientist from the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Mexico, have come to a conclusion after their study. They 3D-printed the pen*ses of 33 models in different sizes.

The models were based on variations on the average length of an erect American pen*s, which is six inches, and a circumference of five inches.

The researchers then wanted to know the women’s different preferences for pen*le size when it comes to long-term relationships and one-night stands.

The study involved 75 female participants who were asked to select from the 3D models, which they would prefer for one night stand and also for a long term relationship. It was found that women think that size matters when it is just a casual encounter, and the average in this case was 6.4 inches with 5 inches circumference.

When it came to a long term relationship, women were happy with the average length of 6.3 inches and circumference of 4.8 inches. Overall, women prefer a size that’s smaller than the average size.

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Another study showed that women would first look at the overall appeal of the pen*s, next came the appearance of the public hair in the genital areas, then the girth, and size was only rated as the sixth most important aspect.






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