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iOS 10 Release Date And What To Expect From It


Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference 2016 event starts in just a few days and here’s everything you need to know about what new features might be coming to your smartphone.

The Conference will open its door on Monday June 13th and expect some major news to be announced.

According to the report of Daily Star the new operating system is likely to be called iOS10, and these are some of the updates the internet is eagerly anticipating.


Siri is thought to be getting some extra and more useful features including being able to tell a caller why you are unable to pick the call, and transcribe any voicemail messages when you can’t listen to it.

These features were rumored to be part of an all new iCloud voicemail.

iOS10 may also see a return of editing features for photos, which had been removed when iPhoto’s was replaced.

And, in what will likely be one of the most popular updates, Apple are said to have worked on software which will boost your battery life.

Another rumor is that Apple is completely redesigning Apple music.

The refreshed Apple Music and Music app will ditch the bright colours and translucency of the current iteration in favor of a stripped-back, simpler black-and-white design.


The conference, which opens Monday June 13 at 6pm (UK), could also see the announcement of a new Mac operating system.

You have only one week to decide which treasured memories and useful app’s you are going to sacrifice.