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Iraq Fights Back Against ISIS.


ISIS had to deal with a major blow in their bid to control Iraq as the Iraq army declared Fallujah fully liberated from the terror organisation. Fallujah was one of the strong holds in Iraq for the terror outfit.


According To Lt Gen Abdul-Wahad al-Saadi the army are set to enter and free the last neighbourhood controlled by the ISIS, al-Julanhe. He also added that the operation was started a month ago and it’s now done and completely liberated.

He congratulated the Iraqi people and commander in chief before declaring Fallujah as fully liberated. Fallujah which is just 30 miles to west from Baghdad was the first city to fall to the group. It has been under the control of terrorists since January 2014.


Around 82000 people had to vacate the place as the Norwegian Refugee council declaring the conditions as a humanitarian disaster.


It is not yet a win for the army as the ISIS still control large areas of northern and western Iraqi. But, it is definitely a big step and a morale booster for the army.