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On Planes Pilots Are Under Strict Rules

We all know number of things that pilots should and shouldn’t do while flying. Among them, being drunk is one, being high is another.

Swearing at flight attendants is also illegal. Literally, it’s not illegal, but morally illegal because it’s not a very nice thing to do, unless specifically requested.

According a recent report number of other things pilots can (or can’t) do. These include some interested rules about their food:

Papers – pilots are allowed during cruise (the long bit between take-off and landing), but only newspapers. This isn’t because newspapers add an allure of sophistication to a pilot’s visage, but rather that it’s believed short articles are less distracting than books or novels.

Eating – Pilots also have to dine on airline food if they’re to eat. However, neither of the two pilots are allowed the same meal, even if one of them really wants the chicken. This is on the off chance one of the meals is contaminated, causing sickness.

Convos – During flights, pilots aren’t allowed to natter, though only before the plane passes 10,000 feet on take off or below 10,000 before landing. After that, they can talk about Love Island to their heart’s content.

Personal devices – Pilots aren’t allowed to dick about on mobiles during flights, or any other personal devices, despite some funky pictures of their antics having gone around the internet over the years.

As reported in Indy 100, The Federal Aviation Administration in the USA ruled in 2014 that wireless communication devices should be banned in cockpits and only used in the most exceptional of circumstances.

In addition to the above, pilots are only allowed to work eight hours before resting, though they can’t fall into deep sleep as it might affect their alertness and reactions when they wake up. For the same reason, they’re also not allowed to watch a Claude Puel team play football.






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