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This Is What Your Dreams Say About You.

Most of the times we tend to ignore our dreams believing it to be a natural phenomenon, but, the kind of dreams you get tells a lot about you.

Check out what your dreams say about you:

The Chase

When you are emotionally high you dream of being chased and if a stranger is chasing you it means you need clarity. Most of the times it is the situation you are ignoring dealing with and the reality is haunting you.

Stressful test talking

Expert Craig Hamilton-Parker says, dreaming of test-taking means “you’re having feelings of lack of self worth again, you’re having feelings that you may not be up to the job.”

You can keep such dreams at bay by developing self -confidence and raising your level.


The dream of falling indicates that you have lost control over a situation. However, it might be good if you are at peace while falling which indicates that some change is helping you for the better.