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 “The Hottest Firefighter” In The World, Gunn Narten

Gunn Narten, 30, a female firefighter from Stavanger, Norway, has amassed 113,000 Instagram followers after sharing pictures of herself at work and at the gym.
The blonde bombshell takes good care of her body and is so strong she can even lift a truck.

Pictures of her toned figure often rack up more than 9,000 likes on Instagram, with her followers professing their love for her in the comments.

Despite tackling blazes in her everyday life, Gunn says her dangerous job doesn’t scare her and her colleagues don’t even notice her good looks.
Gunn wants to use her popularity to encourage others to ‘drop your phone’ and enjoy life, despite becoming famous through social media apps.

Gunn regularly posts pictures of herself in her uniform in front of her firetruck, keeping fans up to date on her day-to-day life.
She also shows off her svelte body in skimpy swimsuits whilst enjoying a dip in an ice cold Norwegian lake, often against beautiful backdrops.

Her swimsuit pictures have been unsurprisingly popular, with one image racking up nearly 10,000 likes on Instagram.
Gunn also works as a personal trainer and constantly keeps fans updated with pictures of herself working out in the gym.

As well as working as a full-time firefighter, Gunn does CrossFit, strength training, running, swimming and football with the men at work.

She wants to use her newfound fame for good and is using her profile to encourage people to spend less time on their phones.

The family-orientated beauty believes overusing phones can damage familial relationships.
She wants people to make time every day to put their phones down so they can ‘make life good living’.

Gunn became a firefighter when she was just 20 years old and said even though there have been frightening situations she very rarely gets scared in her work.

However, she does recall one scary moment during a house fire when she came scarily close to death.
She said: ‘During a house fire me and my colleague got ‘trapped inside and we almost run out of air.
‘Luckily for me we found the way out in time!’

Despite her internet fame, Gunn believes her colleagues aren’t fazed by her new popularity nor do they pay much attention to her stunning good looks
‘We are like a family so they treat me like everyone else,’ she said.

Gunn previously admitted that she faced some backlash when she applied to become a firefighter at 19.
She said: ‘When I applied for the job in the fire department my mom said: “I have never heard of a female firefighter before…why you?” And I answered: “why not me?”

‘Most people think it’s cool and inspiring – it’s not common to be a female firefighter so people get a little confused when I tell them what I do. Overall people are positive and curious.’

‘For me, being a firefighter is normal – my friends tell me I have ‘boy humour’ and I think I’m a little more ‘handy’ than most girls.
‘But when I’m off work, I still love to dress up and be ‘girly’.’





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